Online Mock Exams


GooCampus powered by MegaExams platform, is providing online mock exams services for NEET-UG and NEET-PG students. Candidates can give these mock exams as many times as they want, with no limits. Every time you take our mock exam, the system evaluates your strengths & weaknesses and gives you questions at areas you’re weak at, to help you improve.

About Our Partnership

The industry leaders in education counselling partners with the industry leaders in online mock exams to bring to you, the students, a complete assistance package. We want to help students right from the get-go by helping them improve their score using the online mock exams. Our unique AI-enabled platform learns from your mistakes and helps you strengthen your weak areas.

We are also working on some exciting new tools for students :

NEET Score Analyzer: Based on your scores we can help you understand the colleges & courses you are eligible to apply for. Giving you plenty of time to learn more about these possibilities and start your application process on time.

Mock Counselling Platform: Each year, students face difficulties while undergoing the online counselling process, so we are building our very own mock counselling platform so candidates can practice as many times as they want. We want to make sure that no candidate loses out on a medical seat, simply because they were confused with the counselling process.

Online Mock Exams, Made Simpler

We bring to you our unique online mock exam platform for NEET aspirants. Here’s a few reasons why you should think about trying these mock exams :

  • Unlimited attempts.
  • Over 1,00,000 questions for UG and over 25,000 question for PG.
  • Each question is authenticated by a subject-matter expert.
  • Immediate results & in-depth candidate analysis.
  • Assessment & strengthening of weak areas.
  • Offline exam-taking allowed.
  • Compatible with any device.
  • Compete with thousands of aspirants from across the country.
  • Used by some of the top coaching centres in India.
  • The platform gives you solutions along with explanations for each incorrect answer.

We have integrated a self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) that understands your weak areas and gives you more questions from that section to help you improve. Good luck finding these features elsewhere!


The following MCQ based examinations shall be conducted by NBE on computer based platform in December 2018/ January 2019.

Q: Does the platform work only on computers and laptops?

A: The platform is built in such a way that it will work in almost all modern smart devices - mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers etc.

Q: Who prepares the questions?

A: The question is prepared by a panel of NEET specialists who bring with them many years of teaching and coaching experience. Each question is then validated by a separate team of subject matter experts to ensure only the best questions make it to your mock exam.

Q: Do I need to have a permanent internet connection to attend these mock exams?

A: You only need to have an internet connection when the mock exam paper loads into your system and again when you are about to submit the paper. You don’t need internet while attending the mock exam.

Q: How many mock exams can I give using this platform?

A: You can give as many mock exams as you feel, there is no limit to the number of attempts.

Q: Will the questions repeat?

A: We have Over 1,00,000 questions for UG and over 25,000 question for PG that are hand-picked by subject matter experts. It is highly unlikely that questions will repeat during multiple mock exams. However, it is possible that the artificial intelligence (AI) might throw a repeat question at you if it feels you need to strengthen that section more.

Q: How will the AI help?

A: We have integrated a self-learning AI that will monitor your answers and the time you take to submit your answers and identify your weak areas. It then uses this information to give you more questions from your weaker sections to help you strengthen these subjects.

Q: When will I get the results?

A: Your results will appear shortly after you submit your answers, there’s no waiting period.

Q: What sort of post-exam analysis will I get?

A: Attempting mock exams is just half the work, the other half rests with learning from your mistakes. To help you do this, we give a detailed post-exam analysis of your mock exam, showing you where you were wrong and how to best arrive at the right answer. This sort of post-exam learning will help you improve your scores over time.

Q: Is this platform currently being used by coaching centres?

A: This platform is being used at some of the biggest coaching centres in India, so rest assured that you’re getting a tried & tested system of learning that just works.